Common types of Horse Competitions


Show Jumping - In show jumping the horse and rider are need to complete a course of obstacles which may be uprights, spreads or combinations of jumps in doubles or trebles. This horse riding sport is plan to test the horse' agility, scope and carefulness. Additionally, it also judges the riders to judge the correct speed and line. 중국야동넷

The winner is the combination that completes the course in the fastest time with the fewest faults. Faults are given for knocking a fence down or stopping.

Horse Polo - Polo is one of the oldest known team sports developed in India as a training game for cavalry units and known as "the sport of kings". Players can use their mallet to block the swing of an opponent or use a bump or ride off (similar to a body check in hockey) to move an opponent away from the ball.

Horse Racing - Racing takes place either "on the flat" or over obstacles. Flat racing is a test of speed, stamina and the skill of the jockey to choose the right tactics for their horse, the racetrack and the unfolding race.

Endurance - There are two main types of long-distance riding - endurance and competitive trail riding. Endurance rides can cover up to 160kms in one day and is akin to the marathon in running. The winning horse is the first one to cross the finish line. It requires the rider to exercise judgment in the correct speed for the terrain and the most economical pace for the horse to maintain over a sustained distance. Vet checks throughout the race determine whether the horse is fit and well enough to continue.

Equestrian Vaulting - Vaulting has been described as gymnastics on horseback. It was a popular sport in Roman times evolving into circus bareback riding, trick riding and more recently a highly competitive international sport. All vaulting tests are scored with an overall score out of 10 and judging is based on technique, form, difficulty, balance, security and consideration of the horse. The horse's way of going makes up 20% of the final score.

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